About Us

About Mahdi Habib Commercial Est.

Established in 1952, Mahdi Habib Commercial Establishment is one of the oldest companies in Kuwait and has a rich heritage of dedicated services to customers. Mahdi Habib was one of the first people to start a tobacco company and an Office Furniture company in Kuwait, making Mahdi Habib a school for all other companies in these sectors. Starting with tobacco selling, Mahdi Habib expanded his business passionately by launching the furniture division, accompanied by a well-operated warehouse and a high skilled workshop. 
Subsequently, Mahdi Habib introduced new divisions to the company, finally settling on the tobacco division, office furniture retailing, air conditioning division, and office furniture manufacturing division later on.
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    Our Mission

    Maintain and increase our solid market status.

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    Continuous improvement and delivering top quality products and exceptional service, with professional maintenance.

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    Continuing to deliver office furniture solutions to suit customers’ changing taste.

Why Us?

For many reasons, Mahdi Habib is one of the most experienced company in the Office Furniture industry. Having a highly skilled team and immense stock levels, Mahdi Habib is able to cater a huge number of orders, with the quality that suits our customers’ needs. Mahdi Habib has the most showrooms in the Office Furniture industry in Kuwait, to allow many customers to reach us.

We aim to maintain our ongoing heritage and preserve the reputation of our brand name by continuing on the same path, which is delivering top quality Office Furniture solutions to our clients. Our ambition is to further innovate Office Furniture solutions in order to satisfy our customers and targeting new markets to satisfy more customers.
We strive to deliver our customers the best products, according to their specific needs. We cater a vast range of different products that suites all segments in terms of value of price, delivery punctuality, quality of goods and the desired quantities.

What We do

We are in tune with the ever-changing tastes and requirements of the market and with a great deal of enthusiasm and professionalism, we are able to cater our customers' needs in terms of price, quality, quantity, and delivery. We focus on unsurpassed customer satisfaction by providing highly professional and practical Office Furniture solutions. We aim to manage and arrange an efficient workspace and with the experience built within the last few decades, we are able to assist our clients with the following:
  • Office Furniture solutions & advisory (for individuals, projects and tenders).
  • Office Furniture manufacturing.
  • Cigarettes, cigars, tobacco, and its accessories.
  • Installation and repairing Air Conditioning units.